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ADA  Cube  3-360 Home Edition Red Line laser with 3x360° green lines
Cube 3-360 Home Edition Red Line laser with 3x360° green lines 249,- €299,00

Cube 3-360 Home Edition Red Line laser with 3x360° green lines

€299,00 €249,00
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ADA Cube 3-360 Home Edition GREEN

Incl. Magnetic wall bracket with lift, Target plate, Laserglasses, Li-ion battery, Charger and Bag


Line laser ADA CUBE 3-360 is the most compact laser line level that builds 3x360° laser planes. Horizontal and vertical beams are projected by 360° due to the special emitter. Three mutually perpendicular laser planes allow you to to easily mark out any type of surface area. Ideal for construction or repair work both for interior and exterior applications.

Convenient laser marking. Laser level projects three laser planes: one horizontal and two vertical lines. Scan angle of all lines is 360°. Beam for laser marking is visible in any dot. There is no need to rotate a tool. Just place ADA CUBE 3-360 at desired height. Intersecting laser beams at a 90° from one another when switching on vertical lines. Very convenient when aligning walls and angles between walls. Laser lines can be turned off one-by-one, leaving only those that are necessary for the operation.

Accurate self-leveling. The laser beams automatically self-level. ADA CUBE 3-360 distinguishes by its high accuracy – the error is just 0,3mm/m.

Attachement options. The ADA Cube 3-360 can be attached to a wall mount or a tripod with the help of the thread ¼’’. One thread is located on the back side of the tool, another one – on the bottom.

Durable. Rubber parts and heavy-duty casing ensure the laser leveler is strong and durable in all conditions. A ribbed surface makes it easy to handle and protects the tool from damages during fall and shocks.

Chrger. ADA CUBE 3-360 can operate from the ordinary batteries, rechargeable batteries and charger. If the Li-On battery power is off or the power of batteries is low, connect the tool to the household electrical outlet via charger and continue working. Li-On battery will be charging. Remove ordinary batteries from the battery compartment when using the charger.

Tilt mode. The device features a tilt mode allowing you to work with the laser at any angle you like. Just fix the pendulum, switching a button into the middle position. Laser beams will be projected with the desired slope. Such function is useful, for example, when installing stair railing.

Detector mode. Use detector mode when operating in bright light, outside. Working range increases from 20 to 70 m.

Option (LR-60 Reciver)


Laser projection 1H (360°) 2V(360°)
Working range 20 m / 70 m (with detector)
Accuracy ± 0,3 mm/m
Laser 2 class, 635 nm, < 1 mW
Dust/water protection IP 54
Power supply 3 batteries АА / 1.5 В, or rechargeable batteries, charger
Tripod thread 1/4"
Dimensions 100×100×85 mm
Weight 0,46 kg


  • ADA Cube 3-360 GREEN
  • Li-On battery
  • Charger
  • Magnetic wall bracket with lift
  • Target
  • Laserglasses
  • Bag
  • Operating manual
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